My current research is quite diverse and ranges across two or three families, as I am also the holder of the Family Tree of my Wifes Family

Project 1.      Blaker Family, of which I have some connection to

Project 2.      Cox Family, my Grandfather, Stephen Leonard Guy

Project 3.       Colbran Family, my Great Uncle, died whilst serving onboard H5 a Royal Naval Submarine, rammed and sunk of the coast of Wales, by a British Merchantman. Colbran was also the maiden name of my Grandmother, Phyllis Jane

Project 4.        Huggett, Charles my Wifes Grandfather and Great Grandfather both name Charles, the grandfather born in Ireland, not sure where Gt Grandfather was.

Project 5.        Swinburne, Arthur - My fathers brother, who at sometime moved to London, yet my father never said he had a brother, let alone that he lived in London.

Project 6.        As yet undecided!